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The World Toilet Summit 2013  Solo Indonesia -  A World Toilet Organization Event





The American Restroom Association advocates for the availability of clean, safe, well designed public restrooms.  
Our scope of interest includes:

  • Documenting the problems faced by people who avoid activities that put them out of range of proper toilet facilities.
  • Restroom(1) design and technology,
  • Restroom availability and accessibility, and
  • Pertinent legislation and regulations 

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ARA Board Member Kathryn Anthony invited to testify before Congress read more....

New Federal Law Requires restroom contingency plan for lengthy tarmac delays read more....















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As and Obstacle to Fitness/Obesity

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Jim Beam Workers Denied Access 
Public Heath based Regulation
    Public Policy Project Plan 
    Model Code 'Straw man'  
    BTA Campaign for National Standards 
Unisex Toilets





Los Angeles Cnty CA - MTA  
Maryland - Proposed Legislation for customer use of restrooms
New York City - Problem citizens and visitors to face finding amenities (Draft) 
Portland Oregon PHLUSH & 'Relief Works

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Metrorail Station Restrooms
     Wash Post
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  [ANSI Z4.3]

Search for a public bathroom became an odyssey humiliation
The Onion V38#3
At last, relief is in sight as plush public potties open downtown
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Mar 2 '04
No Public Restroom
 Philadelphia Weekly 14 Nov 02
Reagan National Airport Diverts Plane

Meet Betty Roussos: A real person who had the condition

High Tech Bus with Restrooms
  San Diego, CA. Jan 29 '02
The Democratic 'Potty
Washington Post Stories
dougUSA - Sorry, No Public Rest Rooms!

Urinary Incontinence:  Millions of Women Suffer In Silence

Moscow trying to flush out lack of toilets
  Russia Journal Weekly  6 May '02
Public restrooms in sad shape
  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Aug 26 '02

Go potty, go to jail
  World Net Daily  Feb 15 '02
But Public Toilets seem to give Politicians the Willes  www.nyc24.com V1 # 5
Public Toilets in New York  Gotham Gazette 15 July 01



Void Where Prohibited: Rest Breaks and the Right to Urinate on Company Time

Void Where Prohibited Revisited:The Trickle-Down Effect of OSHA's At-Will Bathroom-Break Regulation
(details at bottom of page)
Managing Incontinence
  Managing Incontinence -- C.B. Gartley, Jameson Books 1985
Urinary Incontinence:  Millions of Women Suffer In Silence
   Donnica Moore M.D. 9/25/2002
A Survey of Public Restrooms in New York City
[PDF]  August 2002
Forced Retention of Bodily Waste: . Overlooked .. Child Maltreatment
  L.A. Couture, M.Ed.
Pharmacy Today, June 1998
   '...restroom breaks'
The Infrequent Voider
   Radiology May 1969 Vol 92 P1177
Using the Bathroom Is Your Right Not a Privilege! [for kids] L.A. Couture, M.Ed.? 2001
Potty Break Denied
- The Travel Critic ? January 14, 2000
Port-o-paintings: Art you can really use
  USA Today 06/24/2003
Evolution of the Japanese Public Restroom
  NIPPONIA No.17 June 15, 2001

American Public Health Advocacy Organizations 

About.Com Activism for IBD and IBS
American Medical Women's Association Overactive Bladder Initiative
American Foundation for Urologic Disease

American Society for Microbiology - Clean Hands Campaign

American Urogynecologic Society

American Urological Association
AMWA Overactive Bladder Initiative
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America

Digestive Disease National Coalition (DDNC)
  See also DDNC Endorsement
International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

IFFGD About Incontinence


Interstitial Cystitis Association

Interstitial Cystitis Network

National Association For Continence

National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Clearinghouse

The Simon Foundation for Continence

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) Center

United Ostomy Association

Overactive Bladder Resource Centre
North American Toilet Organization

Asian Restroom Advocacy  

Continence Foundation
Taiwan Toilet Association
Radio National transcript "Toilet Mapping"

National Continence Management Strategy
World Toilet Organization

Seoul Toilet - Clean Seoul Clean Toilet

Society of Continence Singapore

Restroom Association of the Philippines

Korea Clean Toilet Association
Japan Toilet Association 
Restroom Association of Singapore 

European Restroom Advocacy 
Global Sanitet Club
(formerly known as Finland Toilet Association)  [Finish]
UK Interstitial Cystitis Support Group

The Continence Foundation

The British Toilet Association


Newsgroup Discussion and Email Feedback 
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Request to the Virginia Bicycle Federation
  (Restroom Advocacy for Bicyclists) 

       Recognize public restrooms as a necessary component of modern

Livable Communities
AARP's 'Be Active for Life'

America Walks

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now


Privy Council
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Restrooms of the future

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Implications of Restroom Design
Bathroom Evolution and Implications for Paruresis
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Restroom Design and Access
Implications of Poor Restroom Design   
Shy Bladder Institute

PROJECT CLEAN  Safe, Sanitary School Restrooms

American Restroom Assoc in the Media

American Restroom member Jasmine Schmidt appearing on the ABC World News with Peter Jennings at the World Toilet Summit in Beijing China.  Jasmine was there to present the Code and Practice of Toilets in the United States 



World Toilet Summit: A Flush of Excitement
New American Group Wants Public Restrooms Rated



Public Restroom Initiative
 Robert Brubaker July 6, 2002

Click image for condensed version of article


Listen to this story... NPR Station WAMU coverage of ARA 

  'All Things Considered'  
'All Things Considered'  coverage of the ARA's attendance at World Toilet Organization conference in Beijing  

Mr. DAVID KING : I'm David King. I'm involved with the North American Restroom Association. ...  Listen to this story...



Click image for presentation

Our own Mary Coakley was honored in San Diego City Hall and was officially declared Kellogg Park Day. Mary was recognized for her accomplishment in having led the design, construction and landscaping of the new restroom facility at Kellogg Park in La Jolla, CA.
September 19, 2005
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and from the Russian TV 
  Так, например, члены Североамериканской ассоциации туалетов (North American Restroom Association, NARA), озабоченные ситуацией с чистотой уборных в США, планируют устроить обмен опытом с японскими коллегами. Они хотят перенять практику 



click for full view]
Dave Barry's take on the
2004 World Toilet Summit
Washington Post 11/14/04 


Project CLEAN / Tom Keating PhD
-Click photo for story-

 Looking for Relief / Steve Soifer PhD  


Lower East Side Restroom Could Become Tourism Center 




German Toilet Organizations's

Where Would You Hide? 



NYC's Saatchi & Saatchi
Cardboard Cut-out Campaign


Portland's PHLUSH Initiative



Griefilm Inc's  'Flush! or how I learned to stop worrying and love the toilet'
Toronto, Canada (January 9, 2006)
Griefilm is excited and pleased to announce its latest feature film production, the satirical documentary:


Garden Thieves Picture's  'Toilet' 
Explore the idea that public restrooms in America are missing, obsolete, not funded, non-existent. 
Filming Starts 



... Despite improvements that have surfaced in various locales nationwide, Anthony doesn't expect to see dramatic changes in public-restroom design anytime soon. In part, that's because public-restroom users aren't an organized or politically powerful constituency -- unlike those who lobbied for accommodations through the Americans With Disabilities Act. Before real change can occur, she said, architects need to speak out, and legislators must draft laws

 ...From Architecture Professor Kathryn Anthony, PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 'Authors advocate more and better women's restrooms in public facilities'  Public release date: 31-Aug-2004


If you think public restrooms in America stink, you're not alone. A new group, the North American Restroom Association, is fighting for better bathrooms -- and more of them. "The truth is, our country is far behind when it comes to public bathroom rights," says NARA co-founder Steven Soifer, a professor of social work at the University of Maryland. "In places like Japan, there are public groups that make sure there are cleaner, safer toilets in shopping centers, bus stations and airports. Why can't we have an advocate group like that in America to steer people away from nightmarish situations?" ,... 

From: New American Group Wants Public Restrooms Rated  Buck Wolf entertainment producer, ABC News 11/16/04


It's archaic, disgusting and gross to have to use one's hands to flush a toilet even in one's home. Please bring the world up to date with only a foot operated flushing device. This too, will inspire more people to flush and save all the extra paper used to cover the handle prior to flushing. Further, urinals should be available with a fly or spot emblazoned on the back wall. This will provide a target for men to help improve their aim.  Thank you, Mother of Movers and Shakers


My daughter works for Johnson & Johnson. She was told that a flush can project up to 40 feet in the air! Therefore should not ALL toilets have a cover on them with directions to CLOSE the lid before flushing? Most public toilets do not! That is scary with all the diseases that seem to mysteriously develop.    Thank you for providing a way to communicate my concerns. I hope that the World Toilet Convention continues to "move" people in the right direction! (Okay...a little joke is unavoidable here..I read about your convention in the Dave Barry newspaper column.) Have a great day! . -Marian 



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